Life After Revelations


Well it happened.  The ragtag band of former Browncoats, refugees from the Anglo-Sino Alliance, mercenaries, and random adventurous souls that makes up the crew of the little cruiser Serenity went ahead and got a signal out that the Alliance couldn't keep quiet.  They blew the lid off the fact that the Reavers are real, and that the Alliance created them, and that they've been trying to cover it up ever since.  Now the whole cluster is in upheaval.  Those who were reluctantly coming to terms with the result of the Unification War have once again found reasons to resist the tenuous grip of the Alliance in the outskirts of the Rim, and even some of those in the Core are thinking better of supporting the Alliance now that they know a little more truth about them.  It's a system ripe with opportunity for an enterprising group of scoundrels with a pulse drive and a cargo hold, and that's where we find the crew of the Chance Encounter.  Strap in and hold on tight.

The 'Verse Spins On

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